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peepsnationTM enables users to connect with others with a similar interest that meet your filter criteria using user-definable groups tied to a specific location.

So let's talk about how it works. From the diagram above, you can see a set of concentric circles of groups (remember your geometry class?). The largest circle is "groups around here" and contains the list of all the groups that currently exist in your location, which is determined by your Zip Code or city name as defined in your peeps filter. This is the place where you look for and join up with groups that you are interested in.

This listing changes dynamically each time a user creates a new group (group added), or the last person in a particular group leaves that group (group deleted). Such is the natural life cycle of a group. As long as there is at least one member in a group, that group will live on.

There are three pre-defined groups that will exist in every location regardless of whether or not there are any members:
      •  Seeking Friends
      •  Seeking Activity Partner
      •  Looking to Date

Note that if you join "Looking to Date" you will automatically get a free account at our partner site,

Now that you've got that down, let's move on. The next smaller group is "groups I've joined, and is a subset of "groups around here." As you might have guessed, this is where you keep your list of groups you have joined. This is also where you un-join (remove yourself from) a group.

Still with me? Good. Now let's go to the next smaller circle - "potential peeps."

What's so great about "potential peeps?" Well, this is your working list of peeps. "potential peeps" is so-named because you don't yet know if you want these peeps as friends or if you want them to just go away. So, "potential peeps" is an ever-changing list of potential new friends/buddies/dates/knitting partners, giving you hours of amusement, fun and excitement.

So, if you look up the users in "potential peeps" and like them, I mean really like them, save them in your "my peeps" list until you get the nerve to text them a message. Actually you can keep all your friends in your "my peeps" list for easy accessibility. So now we are talking about the next smaller concentric circle - the "my peeps" circle - the cool circle - your circle of very fine peeps.

But hold on a minute! I'm sure you are bound to run into a few peeps here and there that don't quite measure up to your discriminating taste, so…we've given you another group to toss those peeps in…it's the "blocked peeps" group. With one click you can make those peeps disappear from your handset - never to appear again (unless you go digging through the blocked peeps group). Just be discreet and don't let anyone see you doing it.