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Connecting with people is fun, easy, and good for the heart. We make it easy to connect with text messaging (which we mask to protect your privacy). Well, what are you waiting for? Your peeps are waiting!
The position location feature (available in 2004) makes using peeps nation even more fun. Instead of relying on zip codes or city names, your phone will automatically know where you are, and the location of other users using position location technology. Now you can be notified of matches as close as 15 feet away!

Imagine walking through a crowded event and suddenly you are notified that a match is 25 feet away from you. You check their profile, and they turn out to be a total hottie, so you call them (or send them a text message) and you both live happily ever after.

Of course you can turn this functionality off at any time for the protection of your privacy.